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Machine Gun Kelly Wants To Be Happy Without Drugs, Alcohol

machine gun kelly

Machine Gun Kelly is on to the next chapter. The Cleveland rapper announced on Twitter that he’s “determined” to be happy, substance-free.

“I want to become happy without the help of pills, drink, or drugs one day,” he wrote. “I want to wake up and know what mood I’m going to be in.”

The rapper and actor, born Colson Baker, said he was inspired by the love he received during his Hotel Diablo tour, which ended with a final performance in Moscow, Russia on Sunday (Sept. 22). MGK will continue to perform in the States up until November 18, according to his official website.

“Fans gave me so much love this tour it made me want to become a happier person. I’m determined to do it. Thank you, I love you,” he wrote.

He also tweeted on the same day, “Just finished the last show of the best tour of my life. I’m just sad it’s over… I’ve felt broken inside for a while, this helped fix me.”

Heroin Addiction

Machine gun kelly’s history of drug and alcohol use is no secret. His music has chronicled his battles with heroin and suicidal thoughts. The vulnerability of his work cemented his fan base, who connected with the rapper through his music.

Weed is often referenced in his interviews, but the rapper, a father to a young daughter, has calmed down considerably from using harder drugs.

This past July, the 29-year-old recalled in a GQ interview how he would snort painkillers, which he said he would “never recommend” to anyone.

When asked which drug he would never do again, he replied, “Opana. It’s like heroin. We snorted it. It was so dark. I’d never recommend it to anybody,” he said. “One: it’s absolutely addictive. Two: to be addicted and to want that feeling over and over again… I’m not a person who goes down and then has a rush of positivity to bring themselves back up. I’m the type of person who likes to listen to sad music when I’m sad. I love to wallow and just sink and sink, so that’s why I’ll never touch that one again.”

Fans Show Support

His fans on Twitter responded to his recent post with overwhelming positivity. “Somehow I have been able to do this and I was one of the worst alcoholics I’ve ever seen in my life. You [definitely] can do this my dude. Surround yourself with positive people willing to accomplish the same goal,” one follower replied.

“You got that strength within you. You’ve survived nearly dying numerous times, you have that power to be happily sober and you have a huge crowd of people to help support you with that,” wrote another.

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