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Buy alpine cartridges and experience cutting edge technology and evolution in vape carts industry, high potent concentrates, and top quality oil.  Seat at the comfort of your homes and order an alpine vapor cartridge online and  feel the joy that comes vaping a product of top quality.  Buy alpine cartridge and get an intense heady feeling that comes with it. Overall, the alpine vapor cartridge will give sweet high but yet euphoric feeling

Alpine vapor carts price are very realistic with quality the product gives.  Getting to grade medical marijuana with a beautiful sensational feeling at a budget. The alpine carts battery are 510 threaded battery that goes with almost every cartridge and it equally uses the CCell technology

Also, alpine cartridge flavors and strains ranges from sativa, indica and hybrid that will generally give you an energizing, euphoric, relaxing, uplifted, reviving and creative feeling.

FLAVORS( All 1g)


Blue Dream(42.03THC)

Super Silver Haze(90.78%THC)

Jack Herer(84.73%THC)



GSC(89.73% THC)

OG Kush(86.26% THC)



True OG(90.57% THC)

Granddaddy Purple (92.03% THC)

Northen Lights(89.44% THC)

Skywalker(84.77% THC)

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Alpine cartridge  has one of the purest and safest concentrates in the cannabis market. Also, alpine  cartridge is made with top notch  distillation technology with a beautiful and appealing design to serve the full spectrum of cannabis enthusiasts, from first time patients to experienced connoisseurs. Alpine vapor aims at providing the best cannabis infused product in the cannabis industry for both medical and commercial use and it leaves the consumer with an elevated feeling.  Alpine vapor go through strict testing and quality control to ensure a good and healthy experience every time. More over,  the cannabinoids and terpenes in the alpine cartridge  are carefully extracted and balanced.


Alpine vapor carts are live resin are made of premium quality oil and are 100% free from pesticides, microbial, harmful elements and additives. The Alpine vapor carts will take your breath away with its quality  and aim and giving the best quality hits and vaping experience. With alpine vapor carts, the puffs are now better, bigger and lasts longer. In addition, alpine vapor carts  cannabis oil and concentrates are highly potent and rich in terpenes.

Further more, Alpine vapor carts uses sun-grown cannabis and the cannabinoids and terpenes are carefully extracted to achieve  potency, consistency and quality.

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