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The pure extraction processes of ursa concentrate leave you nothing but the purest, smoothest, top-shelf terpene flavor.  Buy ursa cartridge online from our online dispensary and be assured to get the best quality product with the highest concentrations of cannabinoids. The ursa cartridge price matches the quality of the product because when you use the ursa live resin product you get the exceptional taste and quality of the oil and you feel the durability of the hardware as well. Buy ursa cartridges which are the best in the 710 community for the unbelievable tastiness of all of the full spectrum cannabis.

Ursa carts flavors are of the best quality and are out of this world. When you use one of the ursa cartridges, we can ensure you that you are only inhaling  and tasting the purest, most potent part of the cannabis plant. The Emerald Cup Award-winning products will take your cannabis experience to the next level. All input material is fresh frozen right at peak harvest time. The uniqueness and quality of this product will flourish and dazzle your sense


  • Mendo Breath
  • Mango
  • Lemonade
  • Gargoyle Melon Berry
  • Cashmere
  • Orange Zesty
  • Ice Cake Cookies
  • Ursa Stratos Pink Lemonade
  • Ursa Stratos NYCD
  • Ursa Stratos OG
  • Ursa Stratos Mimosa
  • Ursa Stratos Blueberry Muffins
  • Ursa Sratos Northern Light OG
  • Ursa Stratos WIFI XBP9
  • Guava Cashmere
  • Romulan
  • S.A.G.E

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The Ursa cartridge is live resin and a combination of terpenes and diamonds. The Ursa brand is dedicated and committed to bringing you an innovative and 100% cannabis experience to the ever expanding growing market. Moreover, Ursa cartridges concentrates is made from from sourcing the best cannabis around to give it give a top class quality and grade. Also, Ursa cartridge  has true strain flavors that gives consumers a unique taste every time and experience the real cannabis  ingredient intended. All Ursa catridge are full-spectrum concentrates that feature
69-98% THC and the highest level of terpene preservation possible.

However, Ursa cartridge only uses top shelf, single strain flowers in the live resin and diamond sauce cartridge. What you see is what you get. The creative and professional method used in making the ursa cartridge ensures that  you get the whole entourage effect with every puff and takes you to a whole new level every time  you smoke it.

Ursa Carts

The Ursa carts are full spectrum diamond sauce  and pure live resin put in an on-the-go pen fromat. Ursa carts gives you a good and full cannabis experience  with high concentrates of about 98%. For instance, THC live resin oils are filled in medical grade ceramic catridges  to give the the purest taste in demand. The Ursa carts  can be used with the ursa 510 thread low voltage battery. Also, ursa carts are the first concentrate brand to use medical based ceramic that prevents harmful chemicals and the leaching from metal over time. In addition, the ceramic hardware also helps to highlight the unique taste of the cannabis plant oil in every strain produced





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